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Honor Dia de Muertos with the authentic flavors of Mexico from Tortilleria Nixtamal.

Honor Dia de Muertos (the Day of the Dead) with the authentic flavors of Mexico from Tortilleria Nixtamal. The meal kit even includes a recipe for Mexican style Quesadillas using fresh made tortillas.

Tortilleria Nixtamal has been making tortillas and masa the old-fashioned way for more than a decade. Their tortilla factory was one of the few Mexican businesses to remain open in Corona during the crisis.

This "Make your own" meal kit includes food, and delivery (only to Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx.)
$50 (Includes food, contact free delivery and $5 donation to Queens Together)
Delivery will be made on MONDAY NOVEMBER 2.
Offer good until Saturday 9pm October 31st.

Honor Dia de Muertos with the authentic flavors of Mexico from Tortilleria Nixtamal.


Dia de Muertos: Honor the Day of the Dead with the authentic flavors of Mexico from Tortilleria Nixtamal.

Meal kit includes:
3 packs chips
1 pack 6” tortilla white corn
1 pack 6” tortilla blue corn
1 Salsa Verde
1 Salsa Roja
Guacamole for 4

Try this traditional recipe for Mexican-style Quesadillas
1 24oz can refried beans (or better - make your own!)
1 ball Oaxaca cheese (or mozzarella as a substitute)
2 cups Tropical Frier cheese for frying (or a sharp cheddar or Monterey jack as a substitute)
1 large can green chiles (or roast your own jalapeños or poblano (green pepper))
oil - corn, canola, vegetable
Sour cream

In a bowl, lightly mix refried beans with frying cheese
Lay tortillas flat on a board or counter
On one half of tortilla, place a spoonful (about 1.5 oz beans/cheese mix), leaving open space on all edges
Lay 2 slices oaxaca cheese on top of beans
Lay 3-4 slices (or circles) of green chile on top of cheese
Fold tortilla in half to fully cover the filling
With three toothpicks, enclose the tortilla w/ 1 toothpick on either side and 1 toothpick on the top (makes an enclosed pouch)

In a pan, heat up oil. You will not fully engulf the quesadilla in the oil, rather it will sit about 1/2 way deep in the oil. Spoon oil on the top of the quesadilla while the bottom 1/2 is frying. Once the edges turn brown, flip the quesadilla for another 30 seconds. Remove to a paper towel. Pat the excess oil. Allow to cool some, then serve with your choice of condiments.

Makes about 15-16 quesadillas

Enjoy and thank you for your support!

Delivery Details

Your order will be delivered on Monday November 2, 2020.
Nixtamal will contact you regarding delivery window.
NOTE: Queens Together is not responsible for meal or delivery.
Please contact Nixtamal if needed.

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