Lifeline Grocery Deliveries

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Kristin Arno · 1 month ago


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Audrey Dimola · 1 month ago

This is The Work. Love you all so much!


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Joni Fiore · 1 month ago

In support of Maria Chavez great efforts. Well done little sister!!


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Rita Forlenza · 1 month ago

I am so proud of my grandchildren, Justin and Rebecca for for being such generous activists! “Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you a thousandfold!”


Michelle Fisher · 1 month ago


Anonymous · 1 month ago

Love seeing this grow


Anonymous · 1 month ago


J Moore · 1 month ago

Kim I give this donation to honor the legacy of my dad John. He spent his entire adult life in service to other people. He’d be thrilled to know he helped feed families.


Jonathan Forgash · 1 month ago

For Kim and Omar. Chefs stepping up and taking care of people.

Lifeline Grocery Deliveries

Organized by Kim Calichio

This community initiative provides delivered groceries boxes to families in Western Queens, NYC who are currently affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought NYC to a grinding halt. Restaurants and other businesses are closed which has resulted in thousands of workers being left jobless.

A large majority of workers in these circumstances live paycheck to paycheck and for a number of reasons, do not qualify for unemployment benefits or government aid. They are currently left stranded.

These families are in need of help now.

Donations of all sizes, big and small, are helpful.

The cost of 1 grocery box is $30. This will ensure a family of 4 is food secure for a week.

Each grocery box delivered will include staple items that will help sustain a family for the week. These items will also be sourced from local farms to help maintain our local food economy.

Items in each bag will include the following:
2-3 pounds of grains
Milk (nut or cow)
Fresh fruits
Fresh vegetables
Toiletries (feminine hygiene products, diapers, toilet paper)

What is Queens Together?

Reimagining our local food industry as the catalyst for nourishing communities in crisis.

Providing prepared meals and groceries to people facing food insecurity.

Serving meals to frontline heroes.

Working with partner organizations to fulfill their food delivery missions.

We do this with funding, support and partnership of donors, volunteers, organizations and the hard working chefs and crews at restaurants and food businesses. Thank you all.


Community in action



Money, partnership, services



Kitchens prepare meals.



People receive nourishing meals.



Get the word out.


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